About Mooboo

by William Huang

What tea does Mooboo use?

We import all our ingredients from Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea, hoping to give you the most authentic flavour from the East.

Mooboo Bubble Tea

In everything we do, we are always dedicated to our mission: to inspire and create the "epic" and "magic" bubble tea - one drink, one passion and one community at a time.

Our Story

Established in 2012, Mooboo bubble tea was set up in response to a growing demand to bridge the gap between Far East culture and western tastes. We are a dessert retail business. We research to create products for families, children and all religions. We also try to develop new and exciting recipes as often as possible to continue to serve our growing range of customers. Currently, we are the largest bubble tea franchise operator and have over 90 locations across the UK. Recently, we have pushed our focus towards our growing franchise division. Thanks to this, we have a number of franchised stores, including multiple store owners. We are in the process of expanding our brand presence by analysing the demand for Mooboo and consequently setting up franchises/franchisor-owned stores. As time goes on, we will make an even more significant impact on the UK bubble tea market and, soon enough, globally.