Mooboo App

by Mooboo

Mooboo App is here

We are happy to announce that the full loyalty scheme feature will be available on 17th Feb 2023.

What does this mean? Our beloved will be discontinued. But, don't fret! Your loyalty points will be carried over to our brand new Mooboo App!

Make sure to download the App now to collect your loyalty points!

How do I use the Mooboo App?

Step 1: Create or sign in to your account.

Step 2: Go to the menu and start ordering. Remember to read the FAQs on this page before ordering!

Step 3: The system will generate a QR code after you place the order.

Step 4: Head to your local Mooboo branch, and pay at the counter! Make sure to show your QR code to the staff in-store. 

Step 5: Once paid, you can chill out and relax while waiting for your specially handcrafted bubble tea!

Frequently Asked Questions

The use of transaction codes on receipts have officially been phased out. Please collect your points by downloading our app and scanning the loyalty QR code. Please note that we do not retroactively credit points after purchase if the loyalty app was not scanned upon ordering. 

Please make sure that you are logged in before attempting to place an order! After the QR code is generated by our app, please head to the counter at your local Mooboo branch, and our staff will scan your order. You will then be able to pay for your order at the counter. The orders will go straight into our ordering system, and the loyalty points will be automatically added into your loyalty account.

Please note it can take up to 24-48 hours after the transaction for your points to be shown on your loyalty account.

We are in the process of improving and implementing features that will make it easier for users to check their purchase history. This feature is still currently in beta; however, rest assured, your loyalty points are credited when you make a transaction via our app if the QR code was scanned correctly in the store.

Your reward points on your account will be carried into the app, so don’t worry! Your points won’t be lost. Please bear with us, as our app is still in beta, and certain features may take time to be implemented. 

For now, we only accept in-store payments for now. However, using the App to order will definitely decrease the time for ordering and queueing. All you have to do when you get in is to pay!

Yes! You can still choose your drinks and order in-store. However, please note that you will still need to present your loyalty QR code within the app for points to be collected. To do this, head to the “Loyalty” section on the App and show the QR code to our lovely staff so that they can scan it. 

We do not retroactively credit points, or credit points after the purchase has been completed, so please make sure to check that your QR for the loyalty app was scanned!

Remember to have your Mooboo App updated to the latest version when you visit our stores. The final price and items will be determined by the EPOS system in our stores.

Caution! On the app order, there is a mix flavour option for milk tea and fruit tea. Our suggestion is to try to avoid making the combinations you are not sure about. Be very careful as our staff has the right not to provide a replacement if you ordered a mix flavour drink.

We want to serve you the best drinks possible, so we want to make sure that the flavours you order are perfectly paired!

Please note that we do not retroactively credit points via email or online after purchase if the loyalty app was not scanned upon ordering. 

Please return to the branch of purchase to re-scan your QR.

At the moment, loyalty points can only be claimed via the app for walk-in orders. 

Points are typically added 24 hours after purchase and have a validity of one year.

Vouchers (rewards) automatically appear after collecting 8 points and expire within 3 months.

Click here to view the full terms and conditions of the Mooboo Loyalty App.