Mooboo Blogs

by William Huang


The Season of Love is upon us again, and everywhere you look, you’ll likely be seeing red and pink. From adorable paper hearts to lavish romantic rose arches, Valentine’s Day is definitely a remarkable holiday. What better way to celebrate love than to share something equally remarkable with someone you love? You don’t even have to spend Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner! You can definitely share this season with your family and friends. If you’ve been bitten by the self-love bug, you can definitely own this season as well.

Whether you are bubbling with love or you are single and ready to mingle, you deserve to treat yourself to a deliciously sweet and fruity Bubble Tea! Sweet, delectable, and vibrant, Bubble Tea is the perfect treat to get you into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it during a romantic stroll under the moonlight, or during a warm, comforting dinner with your friends. You can share your Mooboo Bubble Tea with your favourite person this season. (If you are your own favourite person, we absolutely support that!)

We love all our Bubble Teas, but seeing the myriad of red and pink everywhere can definitely put you in the mood for a sweet, berry flavoured drink. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a fruity, juicy, mouth-watering Berry Bubble Tea from Mooboo. Berry Lovers, listen up, because love is in the air with our Top 5 Best Bubble Tea options for Berry Lovers: