Mooboo Black Friday Magical Sale – Buy One, Get…


The Black Friday Mooboo Sale starts at 24/11/2017 throughout the whole day, customers can buy two bubbles teas for the price of one! No coupon necessary just walks in! Crazy, huh?

The sale applies to all Bubble Teas except Bubble Waffles.

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Savoury Bubble Teas

New Product - Savoury Tea

New Savoury Bubble Teas

Experience a new dessert drink of refreshing and amazing with this new savoury bubble teas. Distinct rich fresh tea aromatic and creamy savoury create a new experience on how drink consume. Delicious, aromatic, smooth and creamy is sure to satisfy. Fancy something to nibble on? Our tasty and funky optional range of Bubble Tea toppings are so satisfying.

Savoury Tea Menu

– Cheese Black Tea

– Cheese Green Tea

– Sweet and Green Tea

– Sweet and Black Tea

– Winter Cheese

– Salty Matcha

Click here for the full menu.

Mooboo Brownie and Pecan Bubble Waffle Announcement

Bubble Waffle

Mooboo Plain Bubble Waffles
Mooboo Plain Bubble Waffles Mooboo Plain Bubble Waffles

Need more to goes with your magical Mooboo Bubble Tea? Mooboo Bubble Waffle is your answer. Mooboo Bubble Waffle embraced same Mooboo ethos to provide the finest quality, fresh and home-made waffles to customers. The Mooboo Bubble Waffle was inspired by Hong Kong street food egg puff (鸡蛋仔), However, we create the Bubble Waffle with more exciting topping options to choose from.

Mocktail Series Summer Banner Announcement

Mooboo Mocktail

Mooboo Mocktail Series
Mooboo Mocktail Series Mooboo Mocktail Series

Hooray! Summer is here, and that means holidays, freedom and the time to get outdoors. In the warm weather, what better way to cool off than with a Mooboo non-alcohol Mocktail Iced Bubble Teas!

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