Supporting #RepeatTheCycle

by Mooboo

Supporting #Reppeatthecycle

It is our mission to satisfy the customers and care about the planet at the same time. We love to drink bubble tea. And there is only one Earth.

At Mooboo, we use recyclable plastic cups, bags and lids. Why is it important to recycle plastic items? According to Recycle Now, reusing and recycling plastic contribute to various impacts. We think that it is essential for people to gain more profound knowledge about how we could act to protect our environment.

Mooboo is also happy to support the Recycle Now #RepeatTheCycle campaign.

Sometimes, plastic wrapping will spread all over the place after you take Mooboo bubble tea home, and most of them would not end up recycled. This is why we need to repeat the cycle.

Take your plastic bags and wrapping to your local participating supermarket to recycle. As part of this precious planet, it is in everyone’s interest to take part in this campaign. It may be a small step for you, but a huge impact on the world.  

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