Will You Berry Me? Top 5 Best Bubble Tea for Berry Lovers!

by Mooboo

The Season of Love is upon us again, and everywhere you look, you’ll likely be seeing red and pink. From adorable paper hearts to lavish romantic rose arches, Valentine’s Day is definitely a remarkable holiday. What better way to celebrate love than to share something equally remarkable with someone you love? You don’t even have to spend Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner! You can definitely share this season with your family and friends. If you’ve been bitten by the self-love bug, you can definitely own this season as well.

Whether you are bubbling with love or you are single and ready to mingle, you deserve to treat yourself to a deliciously sweet and fruity Bubble Tea! Sweet, delectable, and vibrant, Bubble Tea is the perfect treat to get you into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it during a romantic stroll under the moonlight, or during a warm, comforting dinner with your friends. You can share your Mooboo Bubble Tea with your favourite person this season. (If you are your own favourite person, we absolutely support that!)

We love all our Bubble Teas, but seeing the myriad of red and pink everywhere can definitely put you in the mood for a sweet, berry flavoured drink. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a fruity, juicy, mouth-watering Berry Bubble Tea from Mooboo. Berry Lovers, listen up, because love is in the air with our Top 5 Best Bubble Tea options for Berry Lovers:

1. Strawberry Milk Tea

A creamy classic, the Strawberry Milk Tea is the perfect choice for those of you that enjoy a tasty, milky treat. Perfect both hot and cold, our Strawberry Milk Tea is well-loved for its versatility, pairing well with a wide variety of toppings due to its balanced flavour.

2. Raspberry Milk Tea

Entrancing and delectable, the Raspberry Bubble Tea is a staple for Berry lovers that are craving something out of the ordinary. This drool-worthy concoction is worth a try if you enjoy a tangy twist to your usual Bubble Tea. Fall in love with the smooth, creamy burst of fruitiness in every sip of the Raspberry Bubble Tea!

3. Strawberry Fruit Tea

Fresh, fun and fruity, the Strawberry Fruit Tea is a juicy treat for every season, bringing the taste of summer to any season. Perfect for a sweet, tarty delight, the Strawberry Bubble Tea is a toothsome treat that can be enjoyed in every occasion.

4. The Royal

Specially crafted for the Platinum Jubilee of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Royal is a fresh blend of black tea, strawberry and raspberry flavours with a hint of vanilla. Bursting with fruity flavour, the heavenly vanilla peeks through to create a beautifully aromatic drink that you can fall in love with.

5. Strawberry Crème brûlée

Creamy and rich, the Strawberry Crème brûlée is a decadent treat for Berry aficionados. Topped with a fine caramelized layer and a lush, creamy blanket of brûlée for a dreamy strawberry concoction, this special Bubble Tea is a popular choice to share with your special person.

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