Celebrating Diwali

by Mooboo
Celebrating Diwali

Celebrating Diwali

Diwali is a famous Indian festival, usually called the festival of lights. The festival is considered to be the celebration of the triumph of good and purity over evil. Different states in India have other mythological stories with the same message. During Diwali, people light up traditional lanterns in and around the house and light firecrackers and specific festive food and drinks are served in every household. 

This Diwali, we at Mooboo want to be a part of this celebration and show our audience that we are culturally inclusive. For the same reason, we have renamed a few of our drinks that are famous to the Indian palate with Diwali special names. 

Awesome Aam aka Mango fruit tea (Aam means Mango)

Diwali Damaka aka Pina Colada (Damaka means an explosion. As the drink has a rich flavour)

Swadh Mint aka Mint milk tea (Swadh means refreshing and tasty)

Nimbu Boba aka Lemon fruit tea (Nimbu is the Hindi word for lemon)

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