Mooboo x WeRoad

by Mooboo
MoobooxWeRoad Collaboration

Mooboo x WeRoad

We are officially linking up with WeRoad to bring the nation not only delicious bubble teas and snacks but also to unite the Far East culture with the Western lifestyle.

Oh, and give you a chance to win some BIG prizes.

When we say BIG prizes, we mean BIG PRIZES, like a WEROAD TRIP WORTH UP TO £2000, plus 12 items of WeRoad merch, 4 One-week free Bubble Tea, aaaaand 16 DIY Bubble Tea kits!

That’s 32 prizes in total: every week, we’ll announce eight lucky winners of various prizes, spread across four weeks of magic!


1. Enter the contest via the link

2. Follow Mooboo and WeRoad Travel on Instagram

3. Tag your best mate in the post on Instagram!!

*T&Cs applied

About WeRoad

WeRoad was born to connect people, cultures and stories through that magical activity called ‘travelling’. So we group people and send them to live incredible adventures around the globe. Some say that WeRoad changed their lives, others that they will never take part in a group tour ever again – we’re not for everyone, but better try than regret, right

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